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It's International Living's 35-Year Anniversary SUPERSALE!

FOR THE NEXT 72 HOURS ONLY, you can subscribe to International Living—the world's premier resource on traveling, living, retiring and earning income overseas—and receive:

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Dear International Living Reader,

35 years ago, a little newsletter sparked a simple idea:

"You can live better, for less, overseas."

Since then, International Living has grown into the world's premier resource on traveling, living, retiring and earning income overseas—with over 200 globetrotting correspondents all over the world.

Today, with almost 100,000 subscribers, we're bigger and better than ever.

And this year, we're celebrating our 35-year anniversary!

To celebrate 35 years of helping our readers live better for less in the world's best overseas destinations, we've put together a special 35-Year Anniversary SUPERSALE offer just for you.

Here's the deal.


…you can take advantage of what is perhaps the most value-packed offer we've EVER made to our International Living Postcard readers.

It's an offer to receive 12 print issues of International Living—for just $35. That comes out to just $2.92 per issue—almost 50% less than the normal $69 subscription rate.

For less than the price of one Big Mac a month, you can:

  • DISCOVER the world's best beaches for expats. Places where the sun shines 300 days a year… where you'll pay just a few dollars for fresh-caught seafood straight from the ocean… and where you can STILL find amazing deals on everything from first-class beachfront homes with all the modern amenities you could ever want to three-course candlelight dinners for two under the stars…
  • DETERMINE which overseas destinations suit your lifestyle and budget best. Do you dream of living in a penthouse suite in a cosmopolitan capital city? Or are you a "beach" person who wants to live within seconds of the surf? Or perhaps you're more a "get away from it all" type and want to live in a peaceful mountain village. Whatever your dream may be, we'll help you find it…
  • FIND OUT everything you need to know to start living overseas—either part-time or full-time—without spending a fortune. You'll find out which places suit you best… how much LESS you can expect to spend month-to-month once you're overseas… how to arrange short-term and long-term visas hassle-free… what you need to bring with you… what you can get once you're there… and everything else you need to know…
  • TAKE BACK CONTROL OF YOUR RETIREMENT PLANS by slashing your cost-of-living… yet still enjoying a VERY comfortable lifestyle. In one of the expat havens we'll reveal to you, you can live very, very well on as little as $1,000 a month! Not only that, we'll show you which countries offer the best money-saving retirement programs—and how to take advantage of them…

"It Is As Cheap As They Say"

"We read the IL article on Cuenca and decided to make a visit. It is as cheap as they say. We've had amazing meals. Breakfast the other day for two people was $4.00! We plan on checking out the real estate next week.

—Brian W.

Sign up for International Living today and you'll also receive immediate access to our comprehensive Online Archives, where you'll be able to INSTANTLY search all the articles, tips, lists, and ideas on traveling, living, retiring and earning income in the world's best overseas destinations.

All you need is a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone.

And internet access.

That's it!

Take advantage of this special 35-Year Anniversary SUPERSALE offer today and you'll also get our world-renowned Annual Global Retirement Index.

It comes out each January… and it features the #1 Retirement Haven in the world!

(HINT: It's not Panama. It's not Mexico. And it's not France, either!)

And on top of all this… when you become a subscriber right now, we'll even throw in THREE EXCITING BONUSES—valued at $69.85—just for giving International Living magazine a try.

As you'll soon find out, these THREE exclusive, power-packed bonuses can put you squarely on the fast-track to enjoying a luxurious, fulfilling lifestyle in a charming, affordable beach town before you know it…

… even if you're on a shoestring budget!

Here's The Lowdown…

If you've EVER dreamed of enjoying a much better, more relaxed, more fulfilling, more affordable, and more FUN lifestyle overseas, then…

… say "Adios" to cold weather, stress, soul-sucking commutes, nasty pollution, office politics, economic uncertainty, overpriced health care and an unaffordable cost-of-living…

…and say hello to "starting over" in a place where life is easier, cleaner, healthier and much more affordable… a place where you FINALLY have the time to pursue lifelong passions like scuba diving… yoga… surfing… digital photography… learning a new language… cooking exotic dishes… mastering a martial art… starting your own book club… writing your first novel… or doing whatever else REALLY fulfills you now that you have the time to do it.

If you imagine watching the sunset from the balcony of your affordable beachfront home while entertaining close friends and family… realizing just how much better your new lifestyle is… and wondering why you didn't "make the move" sooner…

…or imagine FINALLY jumpstarting ANY other lifelong dream you may have neglected when life perhaps "got in the way"…

…then you really owe it to yourself to give our special 35-Year Anniversary SUPERSALE offer a try.

That's because—for just $35—you'll get ALL the information you'll need to FINALLY start living the life of your dreams in your favorite overseas destination.

Quite frankly, for anyone interested in enjoying a better, more affordable life overseas… this offer is just too good to pass up.

But remember, IN JUST 72 HOURS, this offer is history.

So if you REALLY want to receive ALL of these EXCLUSIVE life-changing resources for just $35… I suggest you take action NOW while it's still fresh in your mind.

Why We're Offering International Living For Just $69 $35

You see, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to give International Living magazine a try.

We know that once you get your hands on a copy of International Living magazine… and see for yourself how much life-changing information you'll find in each issue…

…you'll wonder what took you so long to finally "take the plunge" and become a subscriber.

We know you'll LOVE it… just like thousands of our other happy subscribers do:

"Savored page by page, cover to cover."

"I just received my first edition of International Living magazine. And I want to thank you very, very much for such an extraordinary gift. Only a few of the many magazines I subscribe to can be described as ones savored page by page, cover to cover. And International Living magazine has easily joined that most-favored status of my magazines right out of the box. Again, many, many thanks for a superb magazine!"


And remember… if you subscribe now, you'll pay only $35 for 12 issues.

But once this offer is over…

… the price of subscribing goes back to $69. So if you want to save almost 50% I strongly urge you to take action NOW.

How International Living Magazine Can Help You Live Better For Less Overseas… And Change Your Life For the Better…

Here's just a taste of what you would've discovered recently in the pages of International Living magazine over the last 12 months…

  • How to live on a tropical island—rent-free
  • How to live on the beach in Belize for $1,500 a month
  • The best way to preserve your wealth overseas today
  • How to retire on board a boat (no experience required)
  • 5 of the best tropical islands for retirees
  • How to own property in Ecuador's most popular beach town from $60,000
  • Where you can still find profitable real estate opportunities on Spain's southern coast
  • Where you can own a Caribbean beach home that pays for itself
  • How to enjoy the healthy, laid-back pleasures of "mountain living" in three of Latin America's most charming, comfortable and affordable mountain towns…
  • Where you'll find Western Europe's most affordable capital cities
  • How to find southern Colombia's secret property bargains
  • What it's like to live on Penang Island: Southeast Asia's historic retirement haven
  • How to protect your assets with an offshore trust
  • Where you can find the best business potential for expats in Vietnam
  • How to diversify your wealth with English coins
  • All the details on Cusco, Peru: The "Crown Jewel of South America"
  • How to start a new life on a tropical Thai island
  • The country that could be your "Digital Offshore Haven"
  • How to use Belize's retiree program for an easy life
  • Why now is the time to buy development land in Latin America
  • How to make millions from anywhere in the world with first-edition books
  • Where you can find real estate in Italy's south for under $113,000
  • How to play Europe's "Tourist Visa Loophole"
  • … and much, much more!

AND THIS IS JUST A SMALL SAMPLE of what our readers discovered in the past 12 months!

Think of how different your life could be if you took advantage of the intelligence you'll find in just two or three of these articles!

And that's just the beginning!

You see, as a subscriber to International Living

You'll Discover More About The World (And What It REALLY Has To Offer Budget-Minded, Adventurous World Travel Enthusiasts) Than You Can Possibly Imagine…

Once you become an International Living subscriber, you'll gain IMMEDIATE access to hundreds and hundreds of articles in our Online Archives.

You'll read about everything from investing in prime beachfront real estate to budget travel tips to advice for globetrotting entrepreneurs.

Bottom line?

Whatever you want to know, you'll likely find what you're looking for in our Online Archives.

Here's just a taste of what you'll discover:

  • How to save 97% on your prescription drugs…
  • A little-known way to make up to $10,000 every time you travel…
  • The five best places in the world to be a travel writer…
  • How to cash in on rental income from your beach house…
  • How to shave hundreds of dollars off your vacation costs…
  • How to profit from your travels to Ecuador…
  • How two International Living subscribers saved $4,296 on their dental care by traveling to Merida, Mexico…
  • How to grab bargains on a world cruise…
  • How to live off the land: Ranches, farms, and vineyards for sale around the world…
  • Where to find the best steaks in Buenos Aires…
  • A castle to call home: Live like royalty without paying a king's ransom…
  • Own your own traditional mountain home in Spain for $90,000…
  • Where you can own two-bedroom beachfront condos with a view of the Caribbean Sea and hotel-style service for just $129,000…
  • The best value beach lots in the world…
  • Fly for a lot less, thanks to Europe's low-cost airlines…
  • How to buy a yacht for retirement…
  • How to earn income online while living right by the sea…
  • Pocket-money real estate bargains in Europe…
  • Avoid four common overseas real estate buying mistakes…
  • Four of Europe's most romantic train journeys…
  • Retire among friends in a tropical paradise on just $1,500 a month…
  • Where to find high rental yields on a Caribbean island…
  • Float in style around the world in a houseboat…
  • Find your perfect beach in super-affordable Cambodia…
  • Live in "Small-town USA" in the heart of southern Brazil…
  • … and many more "insider secrets" only available to International Living magazine subscribers.

But here's the thing…

All of the above is ALSO just a fraction of the articles you'll find in the Online Archives of International Living magazine.

You'll find hundreds and hundreds more articles like them.

Oh… and by the way… our Online Archives are searchable by keyword.

So if you're interested in, say, checking out beachfront real estate opportunities on Ambergris Caye in Belize, you can just type in "Ambergris Caye" in the search box and have a look through our reports from Ambergris Caye to find what you need.

It's the next best thing to spending thousands and thousands of dollars to travel to Belize (or anywhere else in the world) and figure out everything yourself!

But you don't have to figure out everything yourself!

And you don't have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars, either!

All you've got to do is subscribe to International Living today at the super low 35-Year Anniversary SUPERSALE rate of just $35 and you'll receive 12 issues of International Living over the next year.

PLUS… you'll receive everything else that comes with being an International Living subscriber! (More on that in a moment…)

The best news? You'll receive it ALL without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

As soon as your order is approved, you'll gain IMMEDIATE access to everything you need to know to start enjoying a new, better, and more affordable life overseas…

… and start planning your next trip to a world-class overseas destination with all these powerful lifestyle planning resources RIGHT AT YOUR SIDE in the comfort of your own home.

And speaking of world-class destinations, THERE'S SOMETHING ELSE that you'll gain access to as a subscriber to International Living. And it's perhaps one of the most helpful (and well-known) resources we offer our readers.

You'll Also Get Our 2015 Annual Global Retirement Index—Featuring "The World's #1 Retirement Destination"

International Living's most well-known and well-respected report accomplishes what would be virtually impossible for any single person to do alone in a year.

It's International Living's 2015 Annual Global Retirement Index.

It determines the best countries in the world to retire… and then lists them from #1 on down.

The result is a world-renowned annual index that was mentioned this year in many of the world's most well-known mainstream publications… including The Huffington Post, Reuters, CNBC News, Yahoo News, The Telegraph, Millionaire Corner and

For anyone who has dreamed of retiring overseas… yet isn't sure exactly where to retire…

International Living's 2015 Annual Global Retirement Index can be the perfect place to start.

To determine the 2015 Annual Global Retirement Index, 25 countries are analyzed and ranked in categories.

These categories include:

  • Real estate costs…
  • Special benefits offered to retirees…
  • Culture, safety and stability…
  • Health care…
  • Climate…
  • Infrastructure…
  • Cost of living…

Using input from our team of correspondents on the ground all over the world, we combine real-world insights about climate, health care, cost of living, and much more to draw up a comprehensive list of the best bang-for-your buck retirement destinations on the planet.

This year's winner sure has a lot going for it.

And by the way, it's not Panama. It's not Mexico. And it's not France, either!

However, this country's real estate is still the best value you'll find anywhere… with near-perfect year-round temperatures in some areas… and almost countless fulfilling activities to keep you busy.

#4 may surprise you.

And you probably won't believe which country made the leap to #8!

And remember… when you subscribe to International Living, you'll gain access to the International Living 2015 Annual Global Retirement Index IMMEDIATELY.

To read it right away, simply go online with your subscribers-only username and password (You'll receive these once your subscription is approved) and read the issue in PDF format.

But that's not all you'll get when you subscribe to International Living magazine.

If you act quickly, you'll also receive a special "Thank You" gift we've prepared for you in honor of our 35th Anniversary.

Subscribe to International Living magazine BEFORE THIS OFFER EXPIRES and…

You'll Also Receive THREE EXCLUSIVE FREE BONUSES (Value: $86.90)

At International Living, it's our goal to help forward-thinking adventurers like you start new, better, more affordable lifestyles in the world's best overseas destinations as quickly and easily as possible.

And over the past 35 years, we've been doing whatever it takes to make that happen.

We're celebrating 35 years of helping our readers. That's one of the big reasons we've put together a very special bonus package just for you.

As you'll soon find out, these three EXCLUSIVE bonuses can help you leapfrog to a new and much better life overseas where the weather is sunnier and warmer… the cost-of-living is much, much less… and the lifestyle is the stuff of dreams.

Here are the details on your THREE EXCLUSIVE FREE BONUS REPORTS!

The Easy, Hassle-Free And 100% LEGAL Way To "Go Offshore", Protect Your Assets And Enjoy Ultimate Financial Peace-Of-Mind
(VALUE: $19.95)

If you're interested in ways you can go abroad to not only increase your quality of life by living better for less… but also to perhaps protect your savings, grow your nest egg, and build a legacy for your children and their children…

… then you'll want to take a close look at this bonus report.

Going "offshore" can help protect you against prying eyes… safeguard you against currency devaluation… give you significant tax advantages… expand your opportunities to travel, live and earn income… increase the spending power of your retirement nest-egg… and much, much more.

Here's a preview of what you'll discover in this FREE Bonus Report:

  • Three simple strategies to help you "go offshore" as quickly and easily as possible. ("Going offshore" is not nearly as difficult or intimidating as you might think. In fact, done the right way, it's quite easy… and can even be a bit of fun! We'll reveal three quick and easy ways for you to "go offshore" almost immediately.)
  • A 100% legal way to earn up to $100,800 per year TAX-FREE from anywhere in the world. (You can double or even triple your spending power once you put this amazingly-effective yet remarkably simple money-saving strategy into play. Best of all, you can make this happen LEGALLY… while living and earning income in the overseas destination of your dreams!)
  • The three top asset protection strategies to get your money out of America. (You can use these strategies to diversify your portfolio AND gain unparalleled access to global markets and international currencies as safely, easily, and tax-efficiently as possible.)
  • How to use a simple but effective strategy to "exempt" yourself from numerous government regulations and escape rising taxes in the U.S. forever. (This strategy is definitely not for everyone. But it IS gaining popularity as of late. And if you're willing to use this strategy, it can help you eliminate U.S. taxes!)
  • 6 reasons why you should seriously consider getting a second passport… PLUS how to do it. (You'll definitely want to look into this if you are serious about maximizing your privacy… AND minimizing your political risk. The good news is… obtaining a second passport is a whole lot easier than you might think! We'll give you 6 reasons why you should get a second passport… PLUS how to do it!)
  • The fastest and easiest ways to obtain an EU Passport so you can live and work permanently in any EU country without immigration troubles. (Ever dreamed of living, retiring or earning income in places like Paris… London… Rome… or Ireland's West Coast? With an EU passport, you can make it happen… LEGALLY! Best of all, you may already qualify for an EU passport! We'll give you all the details.)
  • Why you should seriously consider opening an overseas bank account. (These days, your hard-earned money is more "at risk" than ever from unthinking naysayers and greedy domestic American bankers. We'll show you why opening an overseas bank account can help protect you from those who want your money badly… PLUS why you should seriously consider opening an overseas bank account NOW!)
  • The 8 best countries in the world to open a new bank account. (Set up a bank account in any of these eight countries and you'll be able to sleep soundly at night knowing your financial affairs will be kept as PRIVATE as possible. We'll show you how to get started!)
  • 3 nearby countries with super-attractive, money-saving retirement programs for expats and retirees. (These three retirement programs are easy-to-qualify-for. However, they're also amongst the best in the world for financially-savvy expats and retirees. Take advantage of ANY of these three retirement programs wisely… and they could help "save" your retirement right away!)
  • The 7 best countries in the world for starting your own overseas "dream" business. (Ever dreamed of opening your own beach bar? Running your own deep-sea fishing tours? Opening a restaurant? Exporting arts and crafts? Or perhaps something completely different? If so, you're in luck! We'll show you 7 of the very best countries in the world to start your own "dream" business now… and get up and running—and earning income—as quickly and easily as possible.)
  • The top 4 best tax-saving strategies for the next 12 months. (so you can keep as much of your hard-earned wealth as possible.)
  • and a whole lot more.

And this special report, The Easy, Hassle-Free And 100% LEGAL Way To "Go Offshore", Protect Your Assets And Enjoy Ultimate Financial Peace-Of-Mind is yours, FREE when you subscribe to International Living magazine as part of this very special 35-Year Anniversary SUPERSALE offer.

And that's just the first of THREE Bonus Reports you'll receive as part of this very special 35-Year Anniversary offer.

You'll also receive…

How To Become A Professional "Treasure Hunter" And Start Funding Your Overseas Lifestyle (VALUE: $29.95)

Believe it or not, there are "hidden treasures" all around us.

You just need to know where to look!

I'm talking about EVERYDAY items that you can find in your attic… at garage sales… at local auctions and more "everyday" locations!

Know where to look… what to look for… and how to sell these "hidden treasures"… and you could very easily start making hundreds… even thousands of dollars per month.

And your FREE Bonus Report, How To Become A Professional "Treasure Hunter" And Start Funding Your Overseas Lifestyle will show you how to get started.

You'll discover:

  • How a humble stamp can make a million dollars…
  • How to make money from old posters you may already have at your home right now…
  • What to look for if you're collecting antique travel cases for fun and profit…
  • How to make money selling rare autographs…
  • How to invest in fine wines all over the world…
  • How to invest in English coins to diversify your wealth (and own a bit of history!)
  • How to profit from first-edition books…
  • Where you can find rare remnants from the Spanish Civil War…
  • How to start collecting fine art with just $1,500…
  • … and much, much more!

Take advantage of just one of these tips and you could line your pockets with enough fresh, new income to take your next overseas trip! And if you're a real go-getter, you could start making this happen as soon as this year!

You'll find out everything you need to know to get started finding and selling "hidden treasures" in the Special Report,How To Become A Professional "Treasure Hunter" And Start Funding Your Overseas Lifestyle—yours FREE as part of this special 35-Year Anniversary SUPERSALE offer:

But wait! I'm not done yet!

Get in on this special 35-Year Anniversary SUPERSALE offer and you'll also receive:

Our Top 10 Most Affordable Tropical Islands For Easy-Going, Laid-Back, Stress-Free Living Under The Sun
(VALUE: $37.00)

If the idea of warm, year-round weather, swaying palm trees, powder-white beaches, glimmering blue seas and a chilled-out, relaxed, laid-back "beach" lifestyle appeals to you…

… then you should seriously consider giving "island living" a try.

It might be just what you're looking for…

You see, when you live on a tropical island, your entire perspective on life shifts.

You start noticing yourself doing things—and thinking about things—on a much less "urgent" level:

  • You find yourself more relaxed…
  • You start taking things a whole lot easier…
  • You no longer "sweat the small stuff"…
  • You notice the beauty of your tropical island surroundings (and the world in general) on a much more frequent, more profound, more pleasant level…
  • You ditch your winter clothes for good…
  • You take afternoon strolls on the beach and collect seashells…
  • You gaze at billions of stars in the sky before you finally retire for the day and nod off to sleep after another fulfilling day…
  • AND… you start finding yourself enjoying the present moment like never before

And when you live on a tropical island, all kinds of new activities and opportunities present themselves.

Live on a tropical island… and you could:

  • Learn how to scuba dive, surf, or sail…
  • Read your favorite books while sitting on a beach chair under an umbrella…
  • Open your own beach-based or island-based business…
  • Make new friends with a shared love of the beach and island life…
  • Watch spectacular sunsets over the sea at your new favorite watering hole…
  • Dine on fresh-caught lobster you got straight from the fisherman at the pier…

… and much, much more.

It goes without saying we're HUGE fans of "island living" here at International Living.

In fact, there are definitely more than a few of our 200+ correspondents based on tropical islands right now!

And this Bonus Report, Our Top 10 Most Affordable Tropical Islands For Easy-Going, Laid-Back, Stress-Free Living Under The Sun, reveals 10 tropical islands we strongly believe offer near-perfect island-living for expats—based on the feedback of our team of globetrotting (and island-hopping) correspondents.

All 10 islands are places where you can find privacy, peace, a simpler way of life, affordable prices, year-round warm, tropical weather, world-class beaches, plentiful island-type activities, strong communities, and more.

And in your FREE Bonus Report, you'll find ALL the details you need on:

  • What life is REALLY like for expats living on these islands
  • Where to find your dream home on one of these islands at the best price
  • How much you can expect to spend once you move to a new island…
  • … and much more!

ALL THREE of these Special Reports (VALUE: $86.90) are yours FREE as part of this 35-Year Anniversary SUPERSALE offer.

All you need to do to get started is to subscribe now.

Here's How To Become An International Living Subscriber (And Get Your Hands On All These Value-Packed Special Bonuses) For Just $35 TODAY!

Normally, we charge $69 per year to subscribe to International Living magazine.

I think you would agree that's not much at all for quality research that could completely rejuvenate, reinvent, and revolutionize your lifestyle and retirement.

As I said earlier… if you sign up now, you can get this low price… only $35 to receive International Living magazine for 12 full months.

That's almost 50% off the regular price and includes:

  • 12 issues of International Living magazine delivered to your door. (The world's premiere resource on travelling, living, retiring and earning income overseas.)
  • International Living website access. (We will email you passwords to log into the website. Here, you will find the archive, as well as lots of extra information on the destinations we recommend for retiring!).
  • The Annual Global Retirement Index (Featuring the #1 Retirement Haven In The World)
  • BONUS REPORT #1: The Easy, Hassle-Free And 100% LEGAL Way To "Go Offshore", Protect Your Assets And Enjoy Ultimate Financial Peace-Of-Mind.
    (VALUE: $19.95)
  • BONUS REPORT #2: How To Become A Professional "Treasure Hunter" And Start Funding Your Overseas Lifestyle.
    (VALUE: $29.95)
  • BONUS REPORT #3: Our Top 10 Most Affordable Tropical Islands For Easy-Going, Laid-Back, Stress-Free Living Under The Sun.
    (VALUE: $37.00)

We think this is a "no brainer" because for less than $3 per month… or about 67 cents per week… you will learn about the best places in the world to travel, live, retire, and invest…

…and add thousands of dollars to your bank account in both savings and profits over the coming years.

You can make your retirement dreams a lavish reality for a small fraction of what a comparable lifestyle would cost you back home.

We'd like to show you how fun and easy it really can be.

The truth of the matter is: An international lifestyle isn't just for the rich and famous. It's for anybody willing to take advantage of the best-value opportunities around the globe.

And it's our mission at International Living to help you do just that!

I hope you'll join me. But please remember, this special 35-Year Anniversary SUPERSALE offer with your three FREE special reports (VALUE: $86.90) and everything else you'll get as part of this special offer is only good for the next 72 hours only.

So don't delay.

Act now.


Jackie Flynn

Jackie Flynn
Publisher, International Living

P.S. Don't put this off. This special 35-Year Anniversary SUPERSALE offer IS GOOD FOR THE NEXT 72 HOURS ONLY. So, if you're even remotely interested in becoming a subscriber, I strongly urge you to take advantage of this incredible offer. It's only $35… and it can really change your life for the better… just like it has for over 100,000 other International Living magazine subscribers.

P.P.S. Don't forget when you subscribe to International Living magazine today as part of this very special 35-Year Anniversary SUPERSALE offer, not only will you receive 12 issues of International Living magazine in print, but you'll also receive full access to the Online Archives and hundreds of additional searchable articles, the Annual Global Retirement Index (featuring the #1 Retirement Destination in the World), and THREE power-packed bonus reports (VALUE: $86.90) just for giving International Living a test-drive. Subscribe now.

P.P.P.S. Here's what some more happy International Living magazine subscribers are saying:

"… they feel like they were written just for me!"

"I can't tell you how excited I've become reading your magazines, they feel like they were written just for me" I am so excited to retire and begin the next chapter of my life!"

—Jim R

"The information in your magazine is priceless.

"Thank you, thank you!! I love your magazine and I appreciate your efforts. I hope to relocate to Europe someday and I'm doing travel writing articles where I live here in Sonoma County. The information in your magazine is priceless."

—Kimberly D

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