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From the Desk of Jackie Flynn
Publisher, International Living

A private invitation…

…to receive International Living
for the rest of your life—for FREE

Dear Reader,

I'm sending you this invitation because you may be interested in becoming an International Living subscriber.

It's a special opportunity for you to get International Living delivered to your home for the rest of your life—for FREE!

Not only will you save hundreds on your subscription… We'll also give you an additional $2,161 worth of annual benefits available only to our most dedicated readers.

If you enjoy reading International Living, this invitation is a matter of simple economic sense.

You'll get more—a lot more—and pay a lot less.

The additional benefits I'm offering will save you money…make you money…allow you to listen in on private briefings…and to be a part of a small "inner circle" of International Living readers.

If you think you'd enjoy a subscription to IL magazine...and you'd like to get it delivered to your home this year, next year, and beyond...then I urge you to join the Lifetime Society today.

I'm writing to you because I believe you may be interested in joining a small group of International Living subscribers called the Lifetime Society.

Hello. I'm Jackie Flynn—publisher of International Living.

As you may already know, International Living began in the early 1980s.

Back then, no one would have believed that the lifestyle of the rich and famous was about to be taken up by a small group of people who were neither wealthy nor well-known.

They were following the example set for them by one man who showed them that there are many places in the world where you can live in luxury on the typical retirement income.

This was the idea behind the International Living newsletter launched by Bill Bonner in the early 1980s.

More than 37 years later, International Living has become a full-fledged magazine and an internet phenomenon—no longer just for retirees…

…but for anyone who wants to expand their horizons, enjoy a better life, have fun and make money overseas.

If you believe in the ideals of International Living as I do, you may already share Lifetime Society's purpose. That's because our purpose is the life-long pursuit of fun, profits and adventure…The pursuit of a lifestyle filled with freedom. And the comfort of knowing that you'll be prosperous and safe—no matter what the global economy may toss your way.

To help you reach your dreams and goals, you'll receive all of the regular International Living subscription benefits…plus a package of exclusive new benefits too.

But this offer is only available for you and a limited number of our readers…

If this is something that interests you, you have a small window of opportunity…so let me quickly give you the details…

How to save hundreds—even thousands—
in the years to come

As an International Living Lifetime Society member, you'll save a heck of a lot of money on your International Living magazine subscription.

The subscription price currently is $69 per year. If inflation averages just 2% per year over the next 10 years, your subscription will cost about $816 over that period. Over the next 20 years, you'll pay about $1,746.

If you simply renewed a regular International Living subscription every year, it would be well worth it. Because by taking advantage of just one of the opportunities we uncover, you could recoup your investment many times over.

For example, Lawrence Harvey, one long-time IL reader, wrote to tell me about a 3-bedroom waterfront country home he bought in Ecuador—complete with guest cottage—for only $34,000. Amazingly, his property taxes were only $7 per year.

Three years later he could have sold it for $95,000. And today it's worth $150,000…a clear and tax-free 340% gain.

As Lawrence put it, retiring there, "was like getting an entire second life …You can't put a price on that."

And Lawrence isn't the only one.

Louise Flynn, a Lifetime Society member of 20 years, told us, "I retired and moved to Ajijic, Mexico over two years ago. The home I bought has appreciated quite nicely. I for one am a very happy International Living Lifetime member."

How did these International Living readers do it?

By following our research…

Tuscan farmhouses…Caribbean dive shops…
and unbelievably cheap beachfront property

For over 37 years, we've been helping readers buy apartments in Paris, Prague, and London…farmhouses in Tuscany and Provence…and undervalued Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Pacific beachfront vacation homes.

We've helped readers start SCUBA diving shops on the Bay Islands of Honduras…bed and breakfasts in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico…and import/export businesses in Ecuador.

And we've helped literally thousands of readers find charming and unbelievably inexpensive places to live, retire, or vacation, in Belize, Spain, Ecuador, Mexico, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Panama, Ireland, Brazil, France and Malta…to name just a few.

We'll continue to help you, too, find the opportunities that make sense for your life, your family, and your portfolio—whether you're in search of a place to live, vacation, invest, or retire. We'll help you find overseas business and real estate deals with the potential for amazing profits. And, we hope, we'll help you to have a great deal of fun in the process.

That is our promise to you as an International Living reader. But when you become a member of our International Living Lifetime Society… we take this promise a few big steps further.

As a Lifetime Society member, you put yourself in a position where you can take advantage of these opportunities around the world…for much, much less than it would cost you to renew your subscription every year.

Let me quickly tell you about all of the benefits you'll receive, so you see what I mean…

You'll receive International Living magazine FREE for life

International Living solves your number-one problem when looking for a better lifestyle:

How do you find all the opportunities available to you beyond your borders?

The media doesn't report on them. Your financial advisor, your relatives, or friends don't know about them.

But International Living introduces you to a different world…

…secluded hideaways in Brazil…castles for sale in Ireland…villas on undiscovered islands in the South Pacific…affordable ways to travel in the world's most expensive cities, including London, Paris, Tokyo, and Dublin.

After reading an article in International Living, you can pick up the phone and arrange to…

…travel to exotic, foreign lands…learn new languages…invest in booming overseas stocks…profit from foreign bank accounts…start your own international business…get a job overseas…retire to a tropical paradise…buy a piece of prime real estate in the world's few remaining profitable property markets…

As a Lifetime Society member, you get International Living, every month—FREE—for the rest of your life.

  • Value: $69 per year.
  • For Lifetime Society members: FREE.

And that's just the first benefit of membership…

You'll save hundreds of dollars on all
of our International Living publications

As a Lifetime Society member, you will never pay full price for any of our publications ever again.

You'll get a VIP-only rate on every book…every newsletter, report, publication…every kit, course, white paper, subscription…every product we publish—for the rest of your life.

This not only includes everything we've published up to now, but everything we'll ever publish in the future.

You'll get 20% off the lowest existing price on all of our titles. That means even if we are selling something for half price, you get to take another 20% membership discount on top of that, giving you a 70% saving.

For instance, are you interested in getting one of our new up-to-date, in-depth country reports like Escape to Ecuador... Escape to Panama... or Escape to Costa Rica...? No problem. Instead of $99...your cost is only $79. And this also applies to our premium products...

Do you want to become an international real estate expert? Real Estate Trend Alert's listed membership fee is $999…but as a Lifetime Society member, you can knock off $200…and if you take advantage during one of our sale offers, you'll save even more.

  • Value: At a minimum, this benefit is worth $1,343
  • For Lifetime Society members: FREE.

And that's not all…

You'll save hundreds on all conferences and events

As a Lifetime Society member, you get $150 off the lowest event rate available. You won't have to pay the full price ever again.

And once again, even when you qualify for another discount rate, you can use both discounts for maximum savings.

For instance, let's say you qualify for a $200 early bird sign-up discount. As a Lifetime Society member, you also get a $150 VIP discount, so your total deduction is $350 off the full rate.

You get this $150 discount on every International Living event and conference including our annual Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference…and our hugely popular Retire Overseas Bootcamp Conference...all our country specific events including our upcoming Fast Track Mexico… And now, this VIP rate also qualifies for some of our affiliated events, such as the Ultimate Travel Writer's Workshops.

  • Value: $150 per event.
  • For Lifetime Society members: FREE.

And there's another benefit we provide for our Lifetime Society VIPs at events…it's called The VIP Lounge…

Get exclusive access to our VIP Lounge

While you're at any International Living event, consider the VIP Lounge your private sanctuary. It's a great place for you to grab a seat, chill out, enjoy some tasty snacks and drinks…and simply take a breather in a calm, quiet place.

Even more importantly, it's a fantastic opportunity for you to network and socialize with like-minded VIPS, the International Living staff, and our in-country experts in a casual, laid-back environment.

Lifetime Society members make up less than 1% of all our readers. They are our most dedicated members. As a result, when you become a member, we treat you with benefits suited for a VIP.

For instance, you'll also be invited to formal cocktail receptions we organize for our VIPs at each event.

These private meetings are designed for you to meet and learn from our wide-ranging crew of experts in international real estate, tax law, banking, and overseas living. These experts are there to share with you their secrets and to answer your specific questions as you explore your best options.

These get togethers are fun. Interesting. And inspiring.

And because Lifetime Society is a small group of our most dedicated readers…you have the benefit of getting our latest information as soon as we finish researching it…

  • Value: $50 per event (but not available to non-members).
  • For Lifetime Society members: FREE.

You'll also receive…

Our VIP-only publication Quarterly Wealth Advisory

Every so often we run into amazing opportunities we just can't share with all of our readers. They are specific ways to save money on your travels…make smarter investments…slash your taxes…and keep your financial affairs private. They include situations like…

  • The three best asset havens. These are the best places to protect your assets, reduce your taxes and gain your privacy. And you won't just keep your cash safe. You'll be able to trade freely and invest in foreign stocks, bonds, mutual funds and national currencies that are not available in the U.S
  • Current ways to legally—and safely—move your savings offshore to protect them from prying eyes…or frivolous lawsuits…
  • A way to invest in what famed expat multi-millionaire Jim Rogers calls, "one of the few places where you're going to make a fortune in the next years."

In every issue, you'll not only get the inside scoop on valuable strategies you can use as an international investor…you'll also get firsthand reports on privacy or wealth protection…as they're uncovered by our editors.

Look for special pieces in upcoming issues that will open your eyes to the hottest investments in Brazil…and no, we're not talking about real estate…reveal the secrets of long-term investment planning and give you the inside track on how to profit from the property crisis with "act-now" opportunities…written especially for our Lifetime Society members.

  • Cost: $400 per year (but not available to non-members).
  • For Lifetime Society members: FREE.

And that's not all. You also get another exclusive publication…

Your members-only subscription,
The Lifetime Society Communiqué

This is perhaps our most exclusive publication. It's published for our Lifetime Society members' eyes only. There's no way for you to subscribe to it… no way of reading it…without being one of our VIP members.

In it, you'll find information prepared exclusively for the benefit of our most loyal readers. In every Communique, you'll find exclusive articles showing you how to live well in some of our favorite retirement havens in the world today.

Plus, the "Ask the Expert" section—a Q&A with the experts around the world who can answer your most pressing questions on everything from visas and residence to buying and selling real estate and more...and our "Hidden Gems" and "Travel Tips" sections, bringing you the best, most affordable, and most unknown ways to explore the world. (You won't find these insights anywhere else.)

  • Cost: $149 per year (but not available to non-members).
  • For Lifetime Society members: FREE.

When you join the Lifetime Society, you'll receive the Lifetime Society Communique at no extra charge, every two months, for as long as we'll publish it.

Which brings me to another benefit of membership…

Get all of these extra benefits…
and pay less than you do right now!

The Lifetime Society is about getting more, for less money.

Add up all of the extra privileges, discounts, gifts, and exclusive products and services, and you can see why the Lifetime Society makes so much sense for loyal IL readers:

  • Free subscription to International Living magazine for the rest of your life ($69 per year).
  • 20% discount off the lowest existing price on all our products including every book, newsletter, report, publication, kit, course and subscription. ($1,343 value and rising with each new title we publish).
  • Receive a discounted rate on all of our conferences and events. ($150 per event).
  • Access to our VIP lounge at all events and conferences ($50 per event).
  • Receive the Lifetime Society members-only Communique ($149 per year).
  • A FREE subscription to our VIP publication, the Quarterly Wealth Advisory ($400 per year).
  • Plus, we'll give you a special Premium Edition of IL Postcards, too—each day you'll learn about the best places to retire, travel, buy real estate, and enjoy life overseas. This complimentary e-mail service is for magazine subscribers only.

As you can see, these extra benefits alone can easily total $2,161 per year. But they're yours FREE…year after year, for as long as you want to take advantage of them.

Take advantage of these extra benefits for 10 years, and the extra privileges and services you receive will be worth roughly $21,610…take advantage of them for 20 years, and you'll get $43,220 worth of special benefits.

But those are only "out-of-pocket" savings.

The privileges you'll now have access to will amount to much more than that. From deals on dreamy real estate…to "inner circle" business and investment opportunities…there's no way to put a value on it.

Your membership can open the doors to a new life in a tropical beachfront home…Or perhaps it'll enable you to spend several months each year in a Tuscan farmhouse…

The simple truth is, if you take advantage of even one opportunity we uncover every month…you'll find the membership to be priceless.

You simply can't put a value on a new stress-free life…or on your retirement.

It's why the International Living franchise has grown to half a million readers. And it's why we invite our most dedicated readers to join our "inner circle," the Lifetime Society.

If you decide to join today, you'll get all of the benefits for the rest of your life.

As long-time member, Linda Ferguson told us…

"I for one am a very happy IL Lifetime member for almost 20 years. If I were not a member of IL, I probably would not know about possible locations to live or invest. Thanks to IL, I have access to the resources I need."

But is Lifetime Society right for you? Only you can decide. Before you do, though, let me tell you about a couple free gifts I have waiting for you as soon as you become a member…

Bonus FREE Gift: Pick Up the Escape To title for
for the Country of Your Choice

If you are interested in getting the inside scoop on any of the other countries we cover, I'll send you the Escape To coutnry title of your choice as soon as you sign up.

You can choose any one from Uruguay, Panama, Mexico, Costa Rica or Nicaragua... France, Belize, Italy, Spain,... or Ecuador.

Our Escape To titles sell in our bookstore for $99 each. But with this special offer to become a Lifetime Society member today, you can pick any Escape To title you'd like—free.

  • Cost: $99
  • For Lifetime Society members: FREE.

One More Bonus to Sweeten the Pot

Take me up on this special membership offer today, and I'll send you a second free gift, too. It's a traveler's resource unlike anything else out there—Hidden Gems Around the World: International Living's Guide for the Value-Minded Traveler.

Inside you'll find the kind of recommendations no ordinary guide book ever shares. It's an incredible collection of insider's tips and advice. Ways you can experience wonderful destinations—not as a standard-issue tourist, but as a local…

In Hidden Gems Around the World: International Living's Guide for the Value-Minded Traveler, our writers share their favorite finds—all good-value, eye-opening suggestions for places to stay overnight, eat well, or explore like an insider.

From an amazing beachfront find 15 minutes from Cancun (but without the crowds or the costs)…to a castle in France where da Vinci reigns and both kids and adults will find themselves enthralled…to a great Spanish tavern in Buenos Aires where you can see amazing flamenco on Wednesday nights—no cover and great food…and lots, lots more…

They're all finds our writers have discovered on the ground. We'll share them with pleasure in Hidden Gems Around the World—from our insiders' notebook to yours. And this resource is free for you when you join the Lifetime Society today.

  • Cost: $49
  • For Lifetime Society members: FREE.

These two extra bonuses —the country Owner's Manual of your choice and your copy of Hidden Gems—are valued at an additional $148. But when you take me up on this offer to become a Lifetime Society member today—they're yours, free.

Before you decide, though, I should tell you one more thing about this invitation…

You only have a small window of opportunity…

We want to ensure we can always fulfill our promise to our Lifetime Society members. That's because when you become a member, you become one of our VIPs. You're placed at the front of the line when it comes to new deals…limited opportunities…and priority at our events.

As a result, we can open the invitation only for a limited time. It's the only way we can keep the membership small enough to give you the personal attention you deserve.

Certainly, this offer is not for everyone. Not all our readers, we realize, are ready to make this level of commitment…or to step up and enjoy this level of access, privilege, and service.

However, if you see yourself taking advantage of even a fraction of the benefits I've outlined…I urge you to make this small commitment to your personal and financial future.

Your benefits, opportunities, and special privileges of membership will more than pay for themselves…in your first year of membership alone.

So if you think you'll benefit from this membership, I urge you to act prudently, but quickly…

Here's how you can get started right away…

How to get started today

While the benefits associated with membership exceed $2,161, you won't pay anywhere near that to join with this special offer today.
The one-time membership enrollment fee is just $495.

If you enjoy your International Living subscription…this invitation makes just simple economic sense.

You'll get many more benefits—and pay less money.

As soon as you've signed up, you are free to take advantage of all the membership benefits immediately.

Other than the one-time fee, the only other cost you'll ever pay is a small $23 annual maintenance fee. This is used to cover our costs of providing you with your lifelong benefits. It's the only fee associated with membership.

That means even when our costs go up, we won't increase your annual maintenance fee. And this may be the last time we're able to offer this rate to new society members, before we're forced to raise it due to our rising costs.

I think you'll agree: This opportunity makes an awful lot of sense. And I look forward to welcoming you soon as a new Lifetime Society member.

To start your membership today with this special offer to pick whichever Country Manual you'd like to have, FREE, plus get your exclusive copy of Hidden Gems Around the World: International Living's Guide for the Value-Minded Traveler, simply click now on the Add to Cart button below…


Jackie Flynn ,
Publisher, International Living

P.S. Remember, you can try the Lifetime Society membership for up to one year and receive a pro-rated refund. And any gift or benefit you've already received is yours to keep, even if you change your mind. To start receiving your member benefits immediately, click on the Add to Cart button below…

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