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Costa Rica Insider

With a high quality of life—and some of the world's most beautiful beaches, mountains, lakes, and small towns—Costa Rica may very well be...

The Easiest Place to Retire Overseas

Dear Reader,

There's a "Hidden Oasis" in Costa Rica where the sweet scent of jasmine wafts across a thicket of emerald-green vines, and hummingbirds vibrate in and out of brilliantly colored trumpet-shaped flowers. Capuchin monkeys chatter overhead and a trail of blue morpho butterflies lures you to a refreshing crystal-clear pool fed by a never-ending wall of tumbling water.

Just a short walk from this idyllic spot, the exotic jungle gives way to soft honey-colored sand and the vast blueness of sea and sky. In the waves beyond, daredevil pelicans circle and then, in an instant, fold their wings and plunge like arrows into the surf.

Costa Rica is rich with scenes like this, and every day you can experience "perfect moments" of discovery. You can hike the lush rainforest, soak in hot thermal pools at the base of a simmering volcano, play in the surf on a beach where the only footprints are yours...

The literal translation of Costa Rica is "rich coast"...but that doesn't mean costs are high. To the contrary, most expat couples report they live very well on $2,000 to $3,000 a month, especially if they own their own home and don't pay rent. And real estate costs? You'll be shocked at how far your money goes. Read on...

In fact, you could do all of this in one day, if you like...Costa Rica is small enough that you can watch the sun come up over the Caribbean and go down over the Pacific that very same day. Yet it's large and diverse enough to satisfy all your needs...

Any convenience you might want can be found here...from a world-class health care system to high-speed internet, all your best-loved television channels, all your favorite food brands in supermarkets...

And note: Although no one can predict how the pandemic of 2020 and 2021 will affect global health issues, a 2019 Bloomberg study of the world's healthiest countries ranks Costa Rica as the healthiest country in Central America...and ahead of the U.S. And when it comes to overall healthcare efficiency, says Bloomberg, Costa Rica ranks well ahead of the U.S. And the really good news: You can qualify for the CAJA national health system that provides comprehensive coverage, no matter your age.

For all these reasons and more, Costa Rica has been among the most popular destinations for U.S. and Canadian retirees for the last several decades.

Its appeal has stood the test of time. In fact, when it comes to value and quality of life, I'd say Costa Rica is more appealing today than ever.

It ticks all the boxes on a typical retirement wish list:

You'll have your choice of beautiful beaches, and often have them all to yourself.

  • At latitude 10°N, the climate couldn't be more perfect.
  • The scenery is stunning, from long stretches of palm-lined beaches to rolling tropical mountains and lush rainforests...and plenty of fertile farmland.
  • Locals are smart, happy, and welcoming of foreign retirees—it's easy to obtain residency.
  • Health care is top-notch and state-of-the-art.
  • Prices for everything...from food at farmer's markets to real estate to a hip replacement...are more than affordable.

Here are a few more Costa Rica advantages you may not be aware of:

  • There's a built-in community of English-speaking locals and expats.
  • It's one of the 'greenest, cleanest' countries in the world with little pollution and lots of clean water and fresh air. (Costa Rica is one of the only countries in the world to actually reverse deforestation!)
  • A staggering 98% of its energy comes from renewable sources. I don't have to tell you what that means in terms of dollars...and sense!
  • Adult literacy is practically 100%. People are well-educated and well-informed. (Many international companies have established international offices, factories, and call centers here for this reason.)
  • Costa Rica has one of the lowest poverty indexes in the world. You'll be hard pressed to find a higher standard of living than you'll find in Costa Rica.
  • Plus, sociologists have ranked Costa Ricans as the happiest people on the planet. This is according to the Happy Planet Index, an independent think tank founded to study environmental impact and human well-being. They say: "Costa Ricans report the highest life satisfaction in the world, have the second-highest average life expectancy of the Americas (second only to Canada)."

Who wouldn't be happy living in a paradise like this?

Best of all, Costa Rica is practically in your own backyard. Flying here from Miami takes less than three hours—roughly the same time as a flight from Minneapolis to Houston.

Paradise Found: Right in Front of Your Nose

I'm Jackie Flynn, publisher of International Living. Since 1979—well more than 40 years now—International Living has been beating the drums about the best places on the planet to retire, start a business, or just start over again...

Places like Costa Rica, where you can escape the rat race, the politics, sky-high costs of living, and trade the dullness of the same old same old for the newness of discovery...

Costa Rica is the most peaceful and politically stable country in Latin America. Costa Ricans are peaceful and slow to anger. They typically don't care much for conflict of any kind. The country abolished its army way back in 1948. Former President Oscar Arias won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1987 for his efforts to bring the peacefulness of Costa Rica to other countries in Central America.

From Argentina to Zimbabwe, we've searched for the perfect climate, the prettiest beaches, the most affordable real estate...

We've analyzed cost-of-living data, health care statistics, political stability, safety records, and more...

And over the last couple of years, an interesting thing has happened. It appears that our research has come full circle. It's led us right back to Costa Rica—one of the countries we originally brought to your attention way back in 1979 and one that we believe deserves your attention more than ever today.

If you're looking for an attractive, affordable, easy place to retire, Costa Rica deserves to be front and center on your list.

Arguably, Costa Rica is one of the easiest places in the world to retire overseas. And in 2021, it earned the top spot as the "world's best place to retire" on International Living's Global Retirement Index.

If You're Looking for the "Perfect" Place to Retire or Make a Fresh Start, Put Costa Rica at the Top of Your List

Costa Rica remains one of the few places on earth where retirement dreams come true...where it's easy to make a fresh start and you needn't sacrifice a thing.

Frankly, I don't know that we've said enough good things about Costa Rica.

It's incredibly easy to establish residency here and qualify for the  Caja, that universal health care system that's ranked among the best in the world.

And the cost of living? For sure you can live like a rock star in Costa Rica on $4,000 per month. Most expats, though, report that they live quite happily and without sacrifices on a monthly budget of $2,000 to $3,000. Sometimes less.

As for housing rentals and real estate costs, those are also low. If you budget $800 per month in rent, you'll find lots of options for quality living...probably with a bit left over! One expat couple we know just bought a new home. Prior to that, they paid $500 a month to rent a furnished two-bedroom home on an acreage—including all utilities and internet.

And when and if you are ready to buy, you'll be spoiled for choice...

New condos in the popular Central Valley...near some of the country's best restaurants, biggest shopping malls and state-of-the-art hospitals can be had for  less than $100,000...

We've seen similar low prices in beach communities, even in popular resort towns like Jaco and along the "Gold Coast" of Guanacaste.

Spend more and get the house of your dreams. You can buy a lot for $40,000 and build a custom-home in the up-and-coming Costa Ballena area along the gorgeous southern Pacific Coast for little more than $250,000...

Overlooking majestic Lake Arenal, you can often pick up a cute Tico-style home, even with a partial lake view, for less $50,000!

So How Do You Get Started...How Can You Quickly and Easily Determine, Once and For All, if Costa Rica is For You?

Even though Costa Rica is one of the easiest places on the planet to retire to, there are many things to consider and plan for.

With something this important, you need reliable, up-to-date information you can count on, from a dependable, well-qualified resource.

That's where Kathleen Evans comes in.

She's International Living's eyes and ears on the ground in Costa Rica. In 2013, tired of the "corporate grind" in the U.S., she and her husband moved to the lively beach town of Tamarindo, Costa Rica on the NW Pacific coast. There, she says they "found their sunshine" and they're truly enjoying everything about the "Pura Vida" lifestyle.

It's Kathleen's job to travel Costa Rica from north to south and east to west. She is constantly on the lookout for ever-better places in Costa Rica to invest, to live, and to play...

She has contacts in every area of the country and she's on top of all the technical and legal stuff...the processes and requirements for buying, renting, getting visas and residency, building, renovating, furnishing a home, moving your household goods, buying a car, bringing your pets, and so on...

She knows exactly how much it costs to live in the many different communities of Costa Rica. And based on her own experiences and the experiences of many other expats she's interviewed over the years, she has a number of insider tips and strategies to help you save both time and money when you visit or live in Costa Rica yourself.

You may have read Kathleen's articles about Costa Rica for International Living magazine. She's written often about the convenience of life there. Along with the beautiful scenery, she says, expats come to Costa Rica for "the low cost of living, bargain real estate, top-of-the-line medical care at a fraction of U.S. prices, and bustling market towns and charming villages."

She stays on top of the technical and legal stuff, too—the processes and requirements for buying, renting, getting visas and residency, building, renovating, furnishing a home, bringing a pet, and so on.

And she's committed to giving you real-world, on-the-ground insights into life in Costa Rica today and to helping to make your transition to life there easier.

In addition to Kathleen, we've assembled a strong cast of experts and expats with deep resumes of experience in Costa Rica.

We know the best attorneys...the best healthcare and insurance professionals...the experts that can help you move your household goods, buy a car, establish your residency, get your taxes and personal finances in order, and much, much more.

We have a hefty rolodex of expats, too. Over the years, many readers have taken our advice and are already in Costa Rica full- or part-time. They've improved their own lives immeasurably—they're eating better and living healthier, enjoying a lot less stress, making friends, relaxing on the beach, living their dreams...and spending a small fraction of what they did back home.

And these readers who have gone before you—they, too, stand ready to share their tips, tricks, advice and recommendations with you...all of which can save you time, money, and frustration.

Like Ben and Jill Hill, for example. Several years ago they "retired" to Costa Rica where they built a boutique yoga and surf retreat on ranchland overlooking the Pacific that their son purchased nearly 25 years ago. They chose Costa Rica because of its "potential," Ben says.

Most of all, they wanted to live among people who were warm, welcoming, and happy—and in a place where the cost of living is very affordable. They found all that and more in Costa Rica.

And there's Paul and Gloria Yeatman who retired to the Central Valley community of San Ramon from Baltimore. Paul is a decade older than Gloria is. They met and married later in life and dreamed of retiring early, "so we could spend as much time as possible enjoying life together," they say.

Plus, as Gloria says, "America is not a place to grow old. There is a general lack of civility...especially in the way senior citizens are treated."

So they looked for better options. They did their research and found what they were looking for in Costa Rica.

In the country's vast Central Valley where they settled, the climate is so ideal that Paul and Gloria say they don't need heat or air conditioning (saving on utility bills).

These two track expenses down to the very penny. "We wanted to retire in a place where we could live comfortably on $2,000 a month or less, rent included," they say, "And that's exactly what we're doing in Costa Rica."

The point is: There are many experienced expats living the "Good Life" in Costa Rica, with a wealth of real-world, been-there-done-that secrets.

Our dilemma has always been how to share this valuable firsthand expertise with you. Books and special reports are certainly valuable. As are conferences, both in person and online.

But we wanted an even more effective way to share with you—in a comprehensive, timely, useful manner—all the great advice, recommendations and guidance about Costa Rica we'd like you to have.

We want to offer you the most reliable, the most up-to-date, the most valuable information—and the most interactive experience possible.

And we've figured out a way to do exactly that...

The Next-Best Thing to Sitting Down Face to Face...Whenever You Want...With Our Experts and Editors

To be honest, if you were to sit down over a cup of rich, delicious Costa Rican coffee with Kathleen or any other of Costa Rica's experts, or helpful expats for a couple of hours a week for the next year or so, you'd no doubt absorb an encyclopedia of Costa Rica intelligence in no time. You'd get all your questions answered. And you'd spare yourself all the mistakes they made.

It would "fast track" you into a better life in Costa Rica, no question.

But that just isn't a practical option. After all, we've got hundreds of thousands of readers and tens of thousands of them are interested in Costa Rica.

So we've created what is—without a doubt—the next-best thing.

It's a way for you to gain access to an incredibly comprehensive and truly rich depth of knowledge and get "plugged in" to everything you need to know... you can get from where you are now—to a better life in Costa Rica in the prefect place that's exactly right for you.

You get everything you need to do it quickly, easily, and seamlessly.

It's called Costa Rica Insider: Your Direct Access to the Pura Vida Lifestyle.

Let me say up front: This isn't a newsletter. It's not a magazine, a book, or even a conference. It's not a static resource at all.

Instead, it's a community of like-minded folks. It's the virtual equivalent of being in Costa Rica in person with the experts, soaking up every last bit of intelligence from the insiders who know the benefits, the tricks, the challenges, and the real-world solutions that really work.

As a member of Costa Rica Insider, you can ask questions and...get answers—and I guarantee it will help you determine if Costa Rica is right for you.

It'll help you match your personal interests and preferences with your own patch of paradise in Costa Rica, and it'll give you solid, up-to-date, reliable details about everything from how you apply for a visa to where you can buy a custom-made armoire or your favorite herbs and spices.

It even includes day-by-day trip itineraries to show you the best ways to explore Costa Rica if you're doing so with an eye to living there.

But perhaps most importantly—it "connects you" with the experts, with your fellow readers who share an interest in Costa Rica, and with a friendly community of expats we know already living there who can share with you their insights and advice.

It essentially puts you on the "inside" so you have people to turn to and you don't have to figure everything out on your own.

Now that's just a very small taste of what Costa Rica Insider is about—and I'll tell you more in a minute.

First, though, let me show you exactly why we're so excited about Costa Rica to begin with, and why you should be, too...

Your No-Sacrifice Lifestyle Comes With a Low Price Tag and Excellent, Affordable Healthcare

How much does it cost to live in Costa Rica? The short answer is: whatever you want...within reason, of course.

You can spend just about as much or as little as you want. Some expats in Costa Rica live on as little as $1,500 per month—really. To do this, you may have to forego some things, like expensive restaurants and frequent shopping sprees—but that's not what most people move to Costa Rica for.

As Paul and Gloria Yeatman—the couple who retired from Baltimore—say, if you focus on what's important you can live comfortably in Costa Rica, without much sacrifice, for $2,000 a month or even less.

For example, Paula and Gloria rent their furnished two-bedroom apartment in the town of San Ramon for just $550. They have satellite TV, high-speed Internet, weekly house cleaning...

They spend money on food, entertainment, and transportation, as we all do. Monthly healthcare expenses run $55 (total for both of them) for the country's universal health plan (known as the Caja) and another $80 for medications not covered.

By moving to Costa Rica, Paul and Gloria say they've reduced their total living costs by 65%.

Here's a typical monthly budget, based on calculations for two people living in a mid-range, two- or three-bedroom home in the Central Valley:

Housing (rental): $600 to $1,000
Electricity: $50 to $70
Gas: $10 to $20
Water and trash collection: $12 to $25
Transportation (taxi): $130 to $170
OR...Maintenance/ fuel for one car: $100 to $250
Phone (land line, local calls): $7 to $25
Phone (cell phone): $20 to $70
Cable television: $30 to $50
Caja Health Plan: $150 to $200
Internet: $35 to $50
TOTAL: $1,144 to $1,930

Note that this sample budget doesn't include groceries or entertainment, but a good rule of thumb is to budget about half of what you spend at home.

Your actual budget may be even less—some landlords include internet and other expenses like lawn care, water and trash pick-up. And, of course, if you pay outright for your home you won't have any housing costs.

You can see how affordable it is to live in Costa Rica. Choose to live in the Central Valley where you won't need heat or air conditioning and your monthly expenses will be very low, indeed.

You can afford to treat yourself with things you might not afford at a maid and gardener, spa days, and more...

In Costa Rica, even the lowest budget affords a very good lifestyle. You'll enjoy guilt-free consumption at very low prices. For instance, splurge on a salon haircut, manicure or pedicure ($10 each, sometimes less), pay a maid to clean your house ($20 a day) or a gardener to do your lawn work ($5 an hour).

World-Class, Affordable Healthcare

Hands down, Costa Rica's national health care system is one of the best in Latin America and, indeed, among the best in the world. Once you obtain legal residency in Costa Rica, foreigners are eligible (required, in fact) to participate in Costa Rica's national healthcare program, the  Caja. It's affiliated with 30 public hospitals in the country and over 250 clinics in almost every community.

You can also buy private insurance—most plans cover dental work, optometry, and cosmetic surgery in the case of an accident. Prescription drugs, certain medical exams, sick visits and hospitalization are covered at 70% cost, and surgeon and anesthesiologist costs are covered at full cost. Private medical insurance in Costa Rica currently costs about $50-$100/month per person, depending on age, gender and other factors.

And don't worry about language issues—many doctors speak English and have received training in Europe, Canada, or the U.S.

And should you desire elective procedures, you'll pay about one-third what you will in the States. A facelift, for instance, averages $2,800 to $3,200 in Costa Rica, compared to $7,000 to $9,000 or more in the United States. A visit to a dentist will set you back about $50, including X-rays, and a teeth-cleaning will run about $40.

You'll save, too, on the little things that matter the most, but can add up. Like:

  • Ticket to see a movie in a modern theater—$5.50
  • Tickets to see a cultural event at the National Theater start at $5
  • Ticket to see a National Soccer Team Match in the brand-new stadium— start at $20
  • Fresh Red Snapper—approximately $5 a pound from a local fisherman
  • A dozen bananas—less than $1
  • Pineapples—can be had for $1 each
  • A bottle of Imperial beer—from $1.25
  • Bus ride from San Jose to Jaco Beach (60 miles)—$5

But it's not just the potential cost savings that you should's the overall improvement in your quality of life.

As another couple that moved to Costa Rica from Colorado, say, "We've felt like we are living in an oasis...away from the real world, yet also so close to it."

In 2019 they bought their dream home in Costa Rica's lush Southern Region after renting for many years. "Previously, our total living expenses were approximately $1,700 a month," they say, "including $500 for rent and utilities for our two-bedroom, two-bath home on three acres of land.

"Our health insurance (the CAJA national health program) cost for both of us is $101 per month. We own our car outright. Now, without rent to pay, and even though we'll surely have a few home maintenance costs, our average expenses are closer to $1,200 a month!"

More time and more money to spend as you taxes, no inflated prices, no more worries about outliving your retirement nest egg.

So Are you Ready to Quickly, Easily, and Efficiently Discover All That Costa Rica Has to Offer?

The only way to really find out if Costa Rica is right for you is to visit and see for yourself. But before you spend that kind of money, I've got a proposition for you.

I'd like to invite you to become a member of Costa Rica Insider, which one place...every single bit of Costa Rica-related intelligence we know. Everything you need to ease your way into a new life overseas—efficiently and with confidence. And it "plugs you in" directly to our network of experts and friends on the ground.

As I said before, it's like the virtual version of a couple months spent in the good company of our editors, correspondents, and experts in Costa Rica. You become, really, a member of a community that is there to help you every step of the way as you investigate your options there...

We've spent four decades researching this country. Our correspondents and contributors live there. They've experienced all the benefits this country has to offer and they've interviewed hundreds of expats who've done the same.

They've been through the challenges, too—and they tell you all about these—there's no sugar-coating here. Costa Rica Insider is meant to provide a forum for exchange—for input and feedback—it's not merely a clearinghouse of intelligence, it's a community of like-minded folks there to help each other.

As a member of Costa Rica Insider, if you're interested in living, retiring, investing, or starting a business in Costa Rica, you'll benefit immediately. You'll—

  • SAVE TIME! Whether you're a city, country, highland valley, or beach person, there's a perfect place in Costa Rica for you...more than one, I'd dare say. But no worries, we provide the pros and cons to help you narrow down the choices and save hours of painstaking research and expensive travel time. We'll help you pick the communities in Costa Rica that best fit your lifestyle, your preferences, and your priorities.
  • SAVE MONEY! We've done the scouting work for you and provide you with the names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses for our most trusted and helpful contacts. This information is worth its weight in gold (and can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars). But as part of Costa Rica Insider, our "Rolodex" of contacts is yours, free.
  • MAKE MONEY! We devote a full section of Costa Rica Insider to business opportunities for the entrepreneur, outlining the sectors where you'll find the most promise. And we provide complete references and resources to help you launch your new business.

As a part of Costa Rica Insider, you get all kinds of practical, useful help, like—

  • How to "smartly" buy property in Costa Rica. Written by one of Costa Rica's most-respected attorneys and authorities in expat issues, we've spelled out in plain English exactly what you can expect when you buy, with notes about each step that gives you the inside, "here's what you need to watch out for" story.
  • Complete details of exactly how much you can expect to pay in fees when you buy property in Costa Rica. And we explain exactly how everything is calculated so there won't be any surprises.
  • What your options are and how to qualify for Costa Rica's world-class health care system. As I've explained Costa Ricans enjoy some of the best healthcare in Latin America, yet costs are about a third of what you'd pay in the U.S. It's mandatory for all residents to become part of the  Caja—the public healthcare system. How much does it cost and what are the benefits? And what about private insurance options? We provide all the answers and more.
  • Our insider's list of the best attorneys who can arrange everything from residency to your home purchase to setting up a business. We introduce you to reliable, efficient, and affordable lawyers you can be sure will take care of every detail and make navigating the bureaucracy a breeze.
  • Firsthand tales from the field—stories from people who have already done what you're thinking about doing. Their hard-won advice will save you time, money, and hours (maybe even weeks or months) of frustration...

All the Practical Know-How You Need to Find Your Place in Costa Rica...and Enjoy It!

  • Where to find an affordable dream home in Paradise. As I've explained, in Costa Rica, you can still find the Central Valley, along a coast and at Lake Arenal and more for $100,000 or less...Spend more and get the home of your dreams...
  • How to minimize your cost of living. We'll show you where to find the best (but least-expensive) housing, insurance, even the most romantic settings for an affordable evening meal.
  • Where to indulge your sense of adventure. Trek through uncharted jungles and some of the most expansive, rich, and complex rain forests on the planet...canoe past rural villages...go on white-water rafting expeditions...go swimming, scuba diving, or snorkeling in the blue Pacific Ocean or turquoise Caribbean waters...horseback ride along deserted palm-lined some of the world's best waves...
  • Get the visa of your choice...hassle-free. Costa Rica offers many residence options, and you can apply for residence from your home country. Other benefits include that you'll be living in a country that doesn't tax your overseas income, as well as having access to the government's medical care. It's fast, it's affordable, and it's easy.
  • Learn some of the local lingo with friendly locals. Because of the large U.S., Canadian, and European expat population in Costa Rica, and because English is taught in all schools, you'll find that many of the locals speak excellent English. Communicating is easy, but, just in case we've included a helpful basic Spanish guide and some recommended language schools.
  • Get the nuts, bolts, and insider tricks to every aspect of life in Costa Rica. You'll discover everything from how to buy property with your IRA to how to find the perfect setting for a romantic affordable meal for two.

Plus you'll hear from expats who've made a successful, stress-free life for themselves in Costa Rica. They'll explain how the laid-back lifestyle and beautiful wildlife drew them to Costa Rica and offer some helpful advice.

A peaceful democratic government, friendly neighbors, great weather, an active lifestyle, accessible health care, and a home that's increasing in's almost too good to be true.

Costa Rica Is a Smart Choice Today for a Comfortable, Good-Value Retirement...With No Sacrifices— Zero, Zip, Zilch

If you're a Baby Boomer, you're retiring at a time when the world economy is unpredictable. From day to day, you don't know what might happen to your investment portfolios, IRAs, 401Ks, and pension funds.

You may find yourself facing greater financial pressures in retirement than at any time since the Great Depression. That's why, in greater numbers than ever, Baby Boomers are seeking alternatives to a retirement of merely scraping by in the U.S.

Right now...Costa Rica makes perfect sense as an ideal escape from financial chaos and stress. Especially when you consider the high standard of living you'll find there.

As a member of Costa Rica Insider, you gain everything you need to live and prosper in one of the most beautiful and affordable places on earth. And beyond that, you gain a community, too.

Because your fellow members are interested in the same things you are. They have the same questions. They have the same worries. And they're looking for the same sort of answers and help. It means they're asking questions you might not think of.

They're making discoveries of their own that would be helpful to you. And they share all that as part of Costa Rica Insider.

In addition to all those things I've already mentioned, with your member access key to the virtual "clubhouse" that is Costa Rica Insider, you'll ALSO get:

  • A review of Costa Rica's history, customs, and culture so you'll know exactly what to expect when you get there.
  • A list of need-to-know Spanish terms for getting around (although many expats get along just fine with only English).
  • A complete guide to getting around Costa Rica. (How to get there, where to stay, how to take the bus, buy a car, and more.)
  • A full rundown of Costa Rica's diverse climate and geography and a guide on choosing which area—beach, Central Valley, or lake area—is right for you.
  • Real-world details of the real cost of living and a complete guide to taxes...what you can expect to pay locally in Costa Rica and how to keep the tax police back home happy.
  • A complete rolodex of Costa Rica's best hospitals and medical specialists—phone numbers and more at your fingertips. And, an overview of Costa Rica's reputable and world-renowned medical tourism industry. We even spell out exactly how much certain procedures should cost.
  • Extensive appendices full of invaluable Costa Rica contacts and resources, including our comprehensive Rolodex of legal, personal, and professional services that will be your blueprint for getting anything you want done in Costa Rica.

In essence, Costa Rica Insider gives you a complete resource for everything you'll want to do, know about, and see in Costa Rica. And it plugs you in to all the experts that can ensure your experience is smooth, efficient, and enjoyable.

All of Our Most Current Articles, Podcasts, Videos, and Interviews...See, Hear, and Experience Firsthand With Those Who Have Gone Before You

In addition to the live-better, invest-well details and advice we've packed into Costa Rica Insider to help you, we also offer you the true insider experience. There is no substitute for hearing directly from the experts and expats who have paved the way for you.

With your own access key as a member of Costa Rica Insider, you gain all our best tips, suggestions, and recommendations. We've been reporting about Costa Rica for more than 40 years now, and nobody knows Costa Rica like we do.

We've collected scads of interviews with expats—many of them audio- or video-recorded, and our editors have shot video of the country's best locales and expat destinations...real estate...street scenes...festivals...farmer's markets...restaurants...beaches, lakes, mountains, and more....

So you can see exactly what the places we recommend look like. You can hear the "true stories"—the rewards and the challenges—straight from your peers, the expats living and working in Costa Rica.

There's nothing else like it out there...

Plus, Our "Editor's Choice" Will Help You Plan Your Own Costa Rica Discovery Trip...

We've also put together our "Editor's Choice"—a detailed itinerary guide that will help you make the most of your own trip to Costa Rica. Whether you've got a week, two weeks, a month, or longer, we'll give you the tools to plan your stay so you get the most mileage out of your trip.

That way you get a real-life feel for what day-to-day living is like, you meet the people who can help you on the ground, and you can be that much closer to deciding if Costa Rica is right for you—and if it is, where you'd like to settle.

For example, say you're interested in a small town with a real sense of community and many cultural offerings, where the weather is comfortable year-round. You might have narrowed your search to include San Ramón.

In that case, you'd take a look at our "San Ramón and Environs" itinerary. We'll tell you how to get there, where to stay, what to be sure you see, and send you to our best contacts on the ground, too...

You'll also get our editors' insider travel tips: the best hotels, the best restaurants...the "don't miss" natural parks, and more, including—

  • Our favorite restaurant in all of Costa all of Latin America, in fact. Expats and locals alike rave about the Gingerbread Hotel and Restaurant and no trip to Costa Rica is complete without a meal prepared by the larger-than-life Chef Eyal.
  • A world-class hot springs resort at one-third what you'd pay for a comparable experience in the U.S. or Europe. Soothing, warm pools in a lush setting, where you can sun and soak to your heart's content. Or opt for a spa treatment—so divine you'll never want to leave.
  • The area of the Pacific Coast that offers the best sportfishing.
  • How and where to take in Costa Rica's favorite pastime... a trip to the national stadium to take in a passionate game of fútbol (better known as soccer in the U.S.)

PLUS, a Special, Interactive Forum Where You'll Get All Your Questions Answered

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February 2021

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