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  • Secrets of the Savvy Traveler

    The best part of travel isn’t hitting every spot in your guidebook. It’s discovering the “hidden gems” off the tourist trail. Getting a good deal on your travels also make the experience even more rewarding. Imagine if you could get the best airfare every time you boarded a plane…or knew where to look for the best hotel room deals…or had the best tips and hints that would save you money while you roam around the world… Read more to find those out-of-the-way places, sights, restaurants, bars.

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  • Colonial Highland Retreats—Mexico: Dream It, Find It, Live It

    This is the real deal if you’re looking for low-cost retirement with mild weather, lots to do, all the products and services you’re used to at home, and a cost of living that can be up to 50% less than what you’re paying now…quality health care included. It’s all available in Mexico’s colonial heartlands.

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  • Coastal Ecuador: Land of Sun, Sand, Surf…and Opportunities

    Imagine California’s Pacific Coast from Malibu to Santa Barbara before the Pacific Coast Highway was built …those areas where the mountains come right down to the sea, with rocky cliffs and wide deserted beaches… In this report, we’ll introduce you to Coastal Ecuador from north to south. We’ll provide a full dossier of each of the cities and towns that make the most sense for foreign retirees, investors, families with children, and singles. Read more.

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  • Costa Rica's Central Valley and Lake Arenal

    Costa Rica’s Central Valley towns are known for their beauty and charm. The many expats who have their second homes in the Valley enjoy going to art galleries, handicraft shops, boutiques, bars, restaurants, flower markets, and friendly village churches. If you’d prefer the serenity of a lakeside community, then consider Costa Rica’s Arenal area. The site of the Arenal Volcano, it also boasts ravishing Lake Arenal and the charming villages of Nuevo Arenal and Tilarán. Read More.

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  • Live Large For Less on Exotic Islands of Southeast Asia

    Take the spice trail to fabled South East Asia this winter and enjoy twice the fun for half the cost. You could be enjoying tropical beaches, peacock seas and $3 massages...golden temples and exotic night rental and home buying options for much less than you may imagine...

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  • Live the High Life in the Highlands—Panama: Dream It, Find It, Live it

    If your idea of paradise includes tropical scenery without the heat of the lowlands, head to the highlands in Panama. The mountain areas offer a wide variety of activities, property, and lifestyles. Live the High Life in the Highlands—Panama: Dream It, Find It, Live it is detailing our favorite cool-weather locales. Read on for more...

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  • Malaysia: First-Class Tropical Lifestyle Opportunities

    If you’d like to make the first footprints of the day on your own uncrowded piece of beach…enjoy night gazing on stars that shine brighter than anywhere else on the planet…live free from the stress of commutes and bureaucratic interference... Then read more here...

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  • Panama City: The Ultimate 21st Century Spot—Panama: Dream It, Find It, Live It

    Panama City is a bustling, vibrant, and exciting metropolis. If you’re looking for inexpensive cosmopolitan living—but with the conveniences you’d expect in New York, Chicago, Miami, or any other major First-World city—you need to take a serious look at Panama City. In this special report We’ll tell you all about lifestyle alternatives and real estate prices, and give you our insider tips on saving time and money in Panama City. Read more...

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  • Perfect Weather Paradises: Living in Ecuador’s Mountain Towns

    Miles-deep canyons with clear fresh water rushing over car-sized boulders, and green-velvet mountainsides where women in native garb tend small herds of cows and goats. Welcome to Ecuador’s mountains. From the northern city of Ibarra and the artisan villages of Otavalo and Cotacachi through the popular weekender town of Baños to the glorious southern colonial city of Cuenca, if mountain living is your preference you’ll love it here. In this report, we’ll take a look at some of our favorite towns in Ecuador’s highlands. Read more.

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  • Cruising the Panama Coast—Panama: Dream it, Find it, Live it

    If the Panama you envision calls for clear blue waters and long stretches of sandy beach, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of places to choose from. Cruising the Panama Coast - Dream it, Find it, Live it, details our favorite coastal locales, lifestyle and real estate options. Read on for more...

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