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You are now just minutes away from accessing everything in Real Estate Trend Alert and sharing ALL of my profitable research.

My analysis of the current global situation is this. Put simply, a flood of real estate deals is coming. What's playing out right now—because of the Covid effect—is set to create the biggest buying opportunity of our lifetimes.

I can already see the signs.

I'm talking about property bargains in Lisbon, Portugal... perhaps up to 30% off best-in-class real estate in Italy.

If you're looking for stability—one of the safest places to stash your cash will be owning farmland in Uruguay. It may be the ultimate crisis hedge.

Recently, Real Estate Trend Alert members could buy near one of the world's best beaches for $149,000. This place feels like your own private paradise...yet you're still close to a Caribbean beach town with everything you need.

Because I'm constantly searching for the best deals for my associates and Real Estate Tend Alert members, I uncover intriguing buying opportunities you won't hear about anywhere else. When you join Real Estate Trend Alert today you'll get immediate access to all of them, like:

  • How and Where to Double Your Money in Five Years in Costa Rica. Real Estate Trend Alert members have full privileges to access my personal library of market reports—including one on where to buy a lot in one of Costa Rica's most beautiful and rapidly up-and-coming paradises from just $29,400.
  • The Caribbean condos you'll love spending time in—and that could make you money. Along Mexico's Riviera Maya the white-sand beaches are stunning. The Path of Progress is rolling down the coast from Cancun. New roads, bridges and a government program were designed to increase the number of tourists from four million to 10 million. This is a stretch of coast where Real Estate Trend Alert members have seen strong paper gains over the past five years, and where you can, too.
  • Where to buy on the Costa del Sol for less than replacement costs. The buying opportunity in Spain is to buy via a bank fire sale. In the past, I've told members about deals on the Costa del Sol where you can buy for less than replacement costs. (Those deals always get snapped up fast!)
  • You'll also receive the premium edition of the Roving Real Estate Investor, sent every day to Real Estate Trend Alert subscribers via email.

Economist and multimillionaire investor, Bill Bonner calls this type of overseas real estate "one of the least explored, the least-understood and the most promising asset classes in the world."

Once you're a member of Real Estate Trend Alert, you'll know exactly how best to profit from overseas real estate.

Here's What to Do Now…

Here's exactly how to get instant access to all the benefits of Real Estate Trend Alert.

First, scroll down to review everything you'll receive when you accept this special invitation. Second, complete the secure order form on this page. And third, simply click on the "continue" button beneath the form. That's it…

Then make sure to check your email inbox because as soon as I hear from you, I'll immediately send you the research report I've promised you:

An "Insider" Real Estate Deal In Paradise

You'll also get your password to the members-only section of our website, where you can stay abreast of the latest news and developments… get hot tips and recommendations… and be first to know about real estate deals that you can quickly lock in at special terms.

You'll also start receiving regular reports that fill you in on all the details of what I'm currently researching or investing in.

Plus, you'll also get the inside scoop and contact information for some of the top experts in real estate, law, mortgage, title insurance, and other fields that will help you easily, safely, and efficiently buy properties.

And you can expect instant e-mail alerts on the hottest "off market" opportunities—before the public hears about them.

A Virtually Risk-Free Opportunity

Guarantee BadgeI want you to be 100% Satisfied with your Real Estate Trend Alert membership.

This means I personally pledge you will get complete and unrestricted access to every members-only research report and deal recommendation. You'll get to read all the Real Estate Trend Alerts for the next 90 days.

If you decide this service isn't for you, no problem. You can easily cancel your membership before the 90-day period expires and you'll get a full refund.

Any reports you save, plus everything else you learn during those 90 days, are yours to keep.

If you are hesitant at all about checking out all this research, don't be—I fully believe this is your best way to gain access to a 100% safe, legal treasure trove of insider information you can use to your advantage.

And of course, you have my 100% risk-free, 90-day money-back guarantee.

By way of full disclosure: My company, Pangea Ltd., may earn advertising fees on the deals I pass along to RETA members. This helps fund the travel, due diligence, and resultant legal investigations my team and I do.

But I want to be absolutely clear in saying that RETA members always get the best price available on a property.

All you need to do right now is complete the short, simple form on this page, then click on the "continue" button to review your request.

Go ahead, and I'll begin sending you my e-mail alerts on the hottest off-market real estate opportunities.

You've come this far, don't stop now. If you're as serious as I think you are about taking advantage of what could be the safest and easiest way to generate thousands in additional cash, there's no better time to start than right now.

Go ahead and complete the secure order form on this page now while you're thinking about it, then click on the "continue" button underneath the form to ensure you don't miss out on my next insider real estate deal. Then be sure to check your e-mail inbox.

What Real Estate Trend Alert Members are Saying:

"Real Estate Trend Alert has provided me with a variety of information and direction to explore countries outside of the USA for both investment and pleasure."

—Don C., Arizona

"Your connections to great deals in great places is worth every penny for the membership. I wish I had more capital to invest."

—John, Indiana

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