Save Money Every Time You Travel

Save Money Every Time You Travel

Hundreds of Money-Saving, Insider Travel Tips and Strategies That Actually Work—at Home and Abroad

Save on Airfares, Hotels, Home Stays, Cruises, Car Rentals, Foreign Currency and Financial Transactions, and Much, Much More—Every Time You Travel

Dear Reader,

Imagine—for just $1—being able to spend an entire week in an exclusive oceanfront resort in Cancun where the going rate per night is $208.

Or for just $349 total, claiming an airfare and hotel package to exotic Antigua, Guatemala...while others are paying more than triple that amount.

Want the best prices every time on flights, hotel rooms and home stays, cruises, rental cars, currency conversions, and more? Free upgrades? The fastest way through airport security? The smartest way to scout, in person, the world’s must-see cities and most attractive retirement destinations? I’ve got something you’re going to love...

How would you like to spend a month in luxurious digs in Europe’s and South America’s prettiest cities for little more than it would cost you to stay at home...

Or go on safari in South Africa and fly there—round-trip—in a comfortable premium-class seat that cost less than $65...

Everyone wants to save money, of course, but these days unless you’re an expert at navigating the ever-expanding world of online travel resources...and unless you know how to use the various features and functions they offer to help you pinpoint your best, value-priced options, it’s hard to know when you’re getting the best travel bargains.

Of course, we all know that being a shrewd traveler isn’t just about saving money. It’s also about traveling in the smartest, most stylish, and most efficient way possible.

And that’s exactly what International Living editor Suzan Haskins and her son, Brandon Clogston, have been doing for the last several decades.

For nearly 20 years now, Suzan has been living overseas, traveling, researching and reporting about the world’s best retirement destinations. Her travel wizardry has rubbed off on Brandon, who has also lived overseas. His wife is Panamanian and they travel there and elsewhere every chance they get.

Expert Travel Tips Can Help Even
the Most Seasoned Traveler

I’m Jackie Flynn, publisher of International Living.

If you suspect the younger generation knows things you don’t, you’re right. When it comes to travel planning and getting the best prices, the biggest discounts in the easiest, most efficient way, your computer and your smartphone can be your best tools.

As Suzan and Brandon have discovered, you can use today’s technology to spend less and travel better...every time.

The examples I shared above, in fact, are of some of the real-world travel excursions they’ve enjoyed...often, as I mentioned, for far less than what it would have cost them to stay at home.

So when they told me they were assembling their very best travel tips, tricks, and veteran advice, I knew this would be something that International Living readers like you would want to see.

Because for some of us, even those of us who are seasoned travelers, the planning can be a time-consuming challenge. Airfare, accommodation, a rental car, getting through security checkpoints, and finding your way around once you get where you’re going...

If you’re at all concerned about costs, you want to know where to find the best travel bargains, when it’s time to act on them, and how to avoid unexpected fees and hidden charges that can blow your budget quickly.

“For a long time, I resisted getting a Smartphone. But my son, Brandon, kept telling me how it would change my life for the better. He was right. Apps like Uber and Whatsapp—used by expats and travelers, tour guides, even restaurants—are saving me time and money every day, even in the U.S. Plus, I’ve totally increased my confidence level, especially when traveling alone. No matter where I am on the planet, I can easily resolve issues...and every travel experience is that more enjoyable.”

—Suzan Haskins

What Suzan and Brandon have done is this: They’ve pulled back the curtain to hand you strategies you’ve probably never heard of before. Through their insider insights, they show you—even if you’re a Baby Boomer like me who grew up with a rotary phone and never used a computer in high school or college—how to use the best travel sites and smartphone apps so that you, too, can journey forth like a seasoned travel pro and save money every time.

Maybe you want to take a cruise or roam the globe...or even your own hometown or state...but don’t know where to start?

If you’re traveling overseas, you may be wondering how to best manage currency exchange issue and how to identify the best debit and credit cards to use that won’t charge you a fortune in transaction fees... With the wrong card, even if you use a legitimate bank ATM, you could be charged as much as 3% of your withdrawal amount plus a $5 fee every time you withdraw money...

Or you can pay nothing—zero, zip, zilch, as Suzan and Brandon can show you. As I said, they’ve been diligently working for some time now—most of the last year, in fact—on this special project that pulls together a lifetime of travel expertise. It’s outstanding in both its depth and breadth.

Airfares, hotels, home stays, cruises, car rentals, foreign currency and financial transactions, convenient, money-saving smartphone apps, and much, much more...

They share tips, tricks, and insider insights that can help you formulate the best travel strategies, navigate online travel agents (OTAs), negotiate directly with hotels, home-stay companies, avoid snafus...

And if you’re not a smartphone user, don’t worry. As Suzan quickly discovered, smartphone technology makes travel easier these days and often more affordable, too, but as long as you can send an email or make a phone call, you can put these money-saving tips to work.

The point is: Travel should be as much fun as possible. Less stress. More happiness. And how much happier will you be when you know you’re getting the best bang for your buck every time?

 Suzan and Brandon can show you how to do it.

This is Your Opportunity to Go
“Behind the Curtain” and Discover
the Secrets to Save Money Every
You Travel

In essence, Suzan and Brandon have created an online “course,” for lack of a better word— although there’s no homework or tedious studying required—that shows you how to implement their veteran tips, tricks, and insider insights.

Their goal is to help you enjoy optimal travel experiences and spend less at the same time.

Through this dynamic, information-rich online program—complete with instructional videos, photos, graphics, and more—they share nearly 150 tips and strategies that help you travel more efficiently and save you money.

Because it’s all can access it anywhere, any time...from home and while you travel...

To complement the online videos and graphics, they’ve also created a hefty workbook with at nearly 100 more actionable money-saving strategies.

This is all part of a huge project called Save Money Every Time You Travel.

It’s been no small undertaking.

In effect, Suzan has been working on this project for nearly five decades now...since she first caught the travel bug as a teenager. And thanks to Suzan, Brandon also has a lifetime of travel experience. Now 41, he started traveling internationally at age 4.

Take it from me, no one is better suited for this kind of challenge. I’ve worked with Suzan for two decades now. She’s one of the most persistent and diligent people I know. She digs deep. She doesn’t take “no”…and certainly not “I don’t know” for an answer.

I would describe both Suzan and Brandon as extremely proactive. They’re the types who provide answers to questions you don’t even know to ask... And that’s exactly what you get in Save Money Every Time You Travel—tactics you’d likely never consider on your you wouldn’t think of...and time- and money-saving strategies you wouldn’t even know exist.

What Brandon also brings to the table is the tech savviness and forward-thinking sensibilities of the younger generation. He grew up with computers and with smartphone in hand. Like most of his generation, problem-solving, researching and securing services online has come second nature.

Your Save Money Every Time You Travel online course includes 8 dynamic web sessions, with how-to videos, photos, diagrams, and more, covering:

  • Phones and Travel Apps: Using Technology to Your Advantage Saving Money On Your Airfare
  • Get the Best-Possible Hotel Deal, Every Time
  • Finding the Best (and Best-Value) Home Stays
  • Car Rentals: How to Save Money and Avoid Common Pitfalls
  • How to Find the Best Deals and Save Money on Cruises
  • Money Matters: Getting Cash, Navigating Foreign Currency and Transaction Fees, and More
  • How You Pack Can Save You Money

Plus a Document Vault with PDFs of each session and a special Save Money Every Time You Travel Workbook with even more tips, links and valuable resources.

He’s made sure that Save Money Every Time You Travel includes the very best, latest and greatest travel apps. He’ll show you where to find them, how to download them, and how to use them for everything from ride-sharing, finding last-minute hotel deals, instantly translating just about any foreign language to English... apps that will turn your smartphone into your personal travel concierge, and even a couple that help you get through airport security easier and faster.

Best of all, Suzan and Brandon make sure the strategies they share are accessible, easy-to-use, and useful...that’s probably the most important element in all this...

As you know, especially when it comes to technology, things change overnight. Online travel agents, known as OTAs have revolutionized the way we plan and purchase travel services. There are virtually hundreds of sites and apps out there to choose from, and each of them offers dozens of choices you have to make to fine-tune solutions and get rates that work best for your personal needs.

And they’re constantly revamping their interfaces to entice you to buy more, spend more...

Wading through these choices can take hours, days, weeks of your time if you’re not familiar with how these interfaces work.

Did you know, for instance:

  • When you know how the OTAs (online travel sites) work, you can use them to quickly find the best airfares—easiest, quickest, and cheapest—that suit your schedule and budget. Still, once you start searching, airfares never seem to go down in price, right? There’s one simple thing you should always do when using these sites to ensure that you see only the lowest fares every time you search.
  • OTAs offer something called “heat maps.” Knowing how to use them can help you pinpoint the hotels that best meet your needs and save you hundreds of dollars.
  • Alternatively, if you know how to find them, you can lock in an ensuite accommodation, full breakfast included, for as little as $10 a night... Suzan has stayed in one of these she describes as “a comfortable, safe, and welcoming haven in the heart of one of my favorite cities in the world, with a gorgeous garden perfect for afternoon tea or coffee.”
  • Likewise, renting a home or apartment can save you lots of money compared to staying in hotels or resorts. And you can have an even more comfortable experience. Knowing how to manipulate the online home-rental sites is key to getting the best rates on the best For example, while these sites discourage you from making direct contact with a host, there’s one secret function you can use to request a special discount, and it works almost every time, Suzan says.
  • Using social media is a great way to find the best cruise deals. But there are many other ways as well... Not many people know this: Reading the fine print and understanding your passenger rights can save you lots of money. And there’s one way to “guarantee” a $50 to $100 per person per day and have a chance at an upgrade?
  • There are lots of strategic ways to save on car rentals. (Suzan and Brandon have 15 money-saving tips waiting for you). But there’s one simple step you can take to save up to 30% on car rental fees. And an instantaneous way, when you pick up your car, to save an additional $12 or $13 a day!
  • And did you know that if you’re moving overseas or sending a child off to college, there’s one sure-fire way to take as much of your personal possessions with you on an airplane—bins, tubs, boxes, suitcases...typically 250 pounds or more per person, without paying all those excess baggage ?
  • And here’s the #1 money-saver that most international travelers overlook: Understanding how banks, ATM cards and credit cards work is one of the biggest ways to save money. Use the wrong cards...or the wrong ATM machines abroad and you could be looking at paying 15% fee in fees. In other words, you lose $45 on a $300 withdrawal.

So how do you carefully navigate your options for using your credit cards and accessing funds overseas without paying excessive fees? Suzan and Brandon explain all... the best cards to have, the best ways to use them to your best advantage, how to protect yourself, your money, your privacy, and much more.

In addition to showing you how to use apps like Uber and Lyft, they point you to local ride-sharing and car rental companies in international destinations that offer big discounts to those “in the know”...

It’s Okay to Take Baby Steps.

If you’re not as adept with your smartphone or computer as you’d like to be, don’t worry. Save Money Every Time You Travel includes lots of tips for you, too—such as 8 ways to negotiate discounts by phone directly with hotels; when and how to best use a cruise-line travel specialist, how to save on currency conversions and foreign transaction fees, and much, much more...

And of course, they introduce you to the most efficient and easiest-to-use OTAs and show you how to use their hidden, under-utilized features to expose the best money-saving travel deals out there...airfares, hotels, home stays, cars, cruises...

They explain how to arrange your financial world, how to know you know when to take that “additional insurance” when renting a car. Is it always mandatory, as you’re led to believe? Not a chance...

They even share their personal packing list. “Unless I’m moving my household across the world, I never, ever check a bag,” Suzan says. “I traveled for a month in Europe last year with just my carry-on and managed to still collect souvenirs for my granddaughter from 7 countries.”

Save Money Every Time You Travel puts a huge amount of information, recommendations, money-saving travel tips and strategies into your hands...

And Don’t Think For a Minute That
This is All Too Technical for You

As I’ve said, this program is content rich. It’s comprehensive and deep. But it’s not intimidating or confusing. No way. Suzan and Brandon deliver this information in the most accessible, easiest-to-understand way.

It’s the next-best thing to sitting down with them in person, in fact, and having them show you, step-by-step, how to navigate the online travel agencies, where to find the functions and features that help you narrow down your choices and identify the travel solutions that work best for your personal needs.

It’s the best way I know to not just “tell” you how to be your own best travel agent, but to “show” you so you can see how to do it with your own eyes…from the comfort of your home.

They’ve produced eight dynamic course segments for you—with video tutorials, clickable links, and more—that will show you how to navigate the world of travel like a pro. In each of them, you’ll see special graphics denoting a particularly important “Money-saving Tip” or a “Savvy Travel Tip.”

Some of these may seem common-sense and straightforward, but that’s what makes them valuable. Even a seasoned road warrior knows It’s the small details that add up. Don’t forget these as you plan your travel adventures. They’ll help save you time, frustration, and of course, money.

Act on just one or two of these tips, in fact, every time you travel, and you’re assured to save money every time you travel.

Once you access the password-protected Save Money Every Time You Travel website, you can start anywhere you like—with any course topic—and proceed at your own pace in any order. And you can go back as often as you like, at any time, to review.

Here’s a Taste of What’s Included
in Save Money Every Time You Travel:

  • Phones and Travel Apps: Using Technology to Your Advantage. Where do you get the best smartphone applications (apps) and how do you download and use them to your advantage? This is the place to find out. You’ll get an overview of 25 cherry-picked travel apps that you can use to communicate on the fly, make travel easier, and save you time and money. Importantly, you’ll discover how to use your phone as you travel internationally to avoid all those costly roaming and excess data fees.
  • Saving Money On Your Airfare. Every travel expert has an opinion on how to find the best, lowest-cost airfares...but don’t believe everything you hear or read. In this segment, you’ll get the down-to-earth details: video tutorials, 20 money-saving tips, and lots of insider tricks to help you identity and act on the truly best deals.
  • Get the Best-Possible Hotel Deal, Every Time. One of your biggest travel costs is accommodation. And when it comes to hotels, one way to find good deals is by using the online travel agency websites. Three easy-to-follow video tutorials show you how to best use these websites. But they’re not the only resources for bargain hotel deals. All the details are here, along with 17 price-slashing tips and 8 hotel-discount negotiating points to get you started.
  • Finding the Best (and Best-Value) Home Stays. Why might you want to stay in a private home or apartment while you travel, especially if you’re single? And how do you go about finding the best types of those? That’s what you’ll discover here. Video tutorials show you how to use home-stay websites to ensure you get exactly the amenities you want—and no surprises. And of course, there are plenty of actionable tips to help you get big discounts and save money.
  • Car Rentals: How to Save Money and Avoid Common Pitfalls. Renting a car can be a bit confusing at times, especially overseas. For instance, do you really need that expensive insurance? In fact, do you really need to rent a car at all? These issues and more are addressed and you’ll come away knowing how to get exactly what you want, how to avoid paying for insurance you don’t need, and much more.
  • How to Find the Best Deals and Save Money on Cruises. How do you find the best deals on cruise travel? You’ll get 27 money-saving tips to help you do matter if you’re a do-it-yourselfer or use a travel agent. These tips will save you money both before you get on the boat and while you’re sailing.
  • Money Matters: Getting Cash, Navigating Foreign Currency and Transaction Fees, and More. What’s the best way to manage your money as you travel internationally to get the best exchange rates and avoid pesky foreign transaction fees on credit cards and ATM fees? You’ll find a host of money-saving tips to help you save on your financial transactions, along with important safety tips to help you reduce risk and avoid headaches.
  • How You Pack Can Save You Money. When traveling by air, you can be nicked for all kinds of extra charges for your checked luggage…and sometimes even for carry-on bags. So how can you avoid or reduce those extra fees? This is the place to find out...

Plus, there’s a special “Document Vault”—where you’ll find PDF transcripts of each course segment, along with the special Save Money Every Time You Travel workbook and additional materials that dig deep into special travel topics. You can download and save these. They include clickable links that take you directly to some of the best travel resources out there.

You can access these any time, from anywhere, as you travel. You can even print them out, write personal notes in the margins, and create your own course binder if you like.

If you feel like you’ve been left behind...or that you’re not getting the best travel deals out there every time...this the fastest, most efficient, most cost-effective way to get you quickly ramped up so you can travel better and save money.

Think about it, when you save money every time you travel, you may be able to travel more often, stay longer, and, for sure, you’ll enjoy it more!

Save Today with This Special Offer

If you wanted to track down all the insider intelligence handed over in this Save Money Every Time You Travel program, you might be able to do that.

But it would take an investment of many months…likely years, in fact. Suzan and Brandon have both been at this for a lifetime.

I know from my own experience how frustrating it can be to make travel plans. There are so many options, so many choices, and it can be so hard to know if you’re getting a good deal or not... After spending far more time than you should, it’s too easy to just give up and make a reservation and hope for the best.

And then you get where you’re going and talk to a fellow travel and discover how they paid three times less for their airfare...or half as much for their hotel room...

One example Suzan gives is round-trip airfare she found from her home in Merida, Mexico (not a large or hub airport) to Quito, Ecuador. The going rate for that fare—in an economy seat—is $590 or more. But she got it for $235 through one of her favorite often-overlooked OTAs. She’ll let you in on her secret and explain why sometimes—if you find fares like this that seem too good to be true—you should snap them up immediately.

You may heard of ways to save on airfares by booking multi-city travel...or through something called “positioning” flights or even “skiplagging.” Suzan and Brandon explain what these mean, how to follow through and use them to your best advantage, and when it’s best to resist the temptation...

As I mentioned, in Save Money Every Time You Travel, you’ll have access to hundreds of money-saving strategies. Follow through on just one of them and you could save hundreds...even thousands...of dollars.

And these are strategies you can use over and over again. Think how much these tips can save in the coming years...

We could reasonably ask $500 for this program, which reveals insider travel tips and secrets you won’t find anyplace else.

But we won’t charge you that much…even though it’s worth every penny.

Today's price for this comprehensive program is $149.

Now’s the time to take advantage of this special savings deal. Plus, there’s more that comes with it…

BONUS: You’ll Also Get These
Comprehensive Special Reports FREE
Not Available Anywhere Else

As Suzan and Brandon were putting together Save Money Every Time You Travel, they wanted to expand on a few topics that require some expansion. So those have been assembled in a series of special companion reports—delivered electronically to get them to you as quickly as possible.

This is the exactly the kind of information you want at hand if you’re serious about finding the best travel bargains.

Special Report #1: How to Get the Best Deal Every Time You Travel. (Value $29, yours FREE)

Your two biggest travel expenses, especially if you’re going abroad, are almost always your airfare and accommodation. Today, thanks to an always growing number of online options, you have the ability to access more price-comparison information than you possibly could have dreamed of just a few years ago. This report digs deep and casts the net wide, providing the experienced insights and money-saving secrets shared by International Living’s vast network of editors, correspondents, and travel experts. Other insider tips include how to navigate the world of online travel auctions, how to zero in on senior and “lifetime student” airfares, how to use loyalty program points for free travel, and much more.

Special Report #2: Passport to Paradise: More Than 50 Incredible Ways to Travel for Pennies on the Dollar. (Also value $29, yours FREE)

Another compendium from International Living’s scouts and editors around the world, this special report may change almost everything about how you travel. It points you to the world’s best bargain destinations and spells out ways to take advantage of little-known government programs to earn big discounts. And it reveals how, in some cases, you can cut your travel expenses by as much as 80% or even travel for free.

Together, your two Special Reports have a combined value of $58.

As Always, Our Rock-Solid, Triple
Guarantee Means No Risk for You

Guarantee # 1—I guarantee Save Money Every Time You Travel will help you spend less and enjoy travel more. Just one of its hundreds of money-saving tips can help reduce the stress of travel planning and help you find your way to the best travel bargains out there.

Guarantee # 2—If you don’t agree...if you don’t feel the dozens and dozens of solutions you receive aren't for you, we'll give you a full refund. In other words, the risk is all ours.

Guarantee # 3—Should you decide to ask for a refund, you’ve got a full 30 days to do it. If you don’t feel that Save Money Every Time You Travel is helpful to you, just let us know and we’ll refund every penny. That’s how confident we are in the depth and breadth of information this program provides.

All You Need to Do Now is Place Your Order

As I’ve said, everyone wants to save money. And Save Money Every Time You Travel will help you do just that. It removes the confusion and takes the stress out of travel planning, shows you how to you pinpoint your best, value-priced options, and helps ensure that you get the best travel bargains every time.

Just think: A handful of weeks from now, you could be gazing out at the Eiffel Tower...cruising the Danube...bargaining your way through an exotic indigenous market...or even sitting on your own garden terrace in the Tropics, cold drink in hand, watching the sun play against the mountains or set over the gorgeous blue ocean…

How satisfying will it be to know that you’re doing all this...traveling and “living the life” in the smartest, most stylish, and most efficient way possible...yet spending far less money...

Just click 'Add to Cart' to get started.


Jackie Flynn
Publisher, International Living

P.S. Just to be clear, here’s everything you get as part of your Save Money Every Time You Travel online course:

8 dynamic sessions, each with an introductory video and  embedded with photos, diagrams, and how-to videos, covering:

  • Phones and Travel Apps: Using Technology to Your Advantage
  • Saving Money On Your Airfare
  • Get the Best-Possible Hotel Deal, Every Time
  • Finding the Best (and Best-Value) Home Stays
  • Car Rentals: How to Save Money and Avoid Common Pitfalls
  • How to Find the Best Deals and Save Money on Cruises
  • Money Matters: Getting Cash, Navigating Foreign Currency and Transaction Fees, and More
  • How You Pack Can Save You Money

In your Document Vault, you’ll find your special Save Money Every Time You Travel Workbook that digs deeper into each topic and provides more helpful links and valuable resources.

Plus you’ll get the two Special Bonus Reports, How to Get the Best Deal Every Time You Travel and Passport to Paradise: More Than 50 Incredible Ways to Travel for Pennies on the Dollar

Take advantage of this special offer and get all of this for just $149.
Click ‘Add to Cart’ now to place your order.

Save Money Every Time You Travel is your easiest, quickest, and most economical way to becoming your own best travel agent. After all, who knows better than you what kinds of travel experiences you must enjoy? You’ll discover how to navigate the ever-expanding world of online travel agency websites to find the best deals and save money every time you travel.

Remember, there’s no risk to you. You have our 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Click 'Add to Cart' now.

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